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10 muharram

Went home for 10 Muharram. Few ppls asked me why? Now ppl remember Mawi's birthday or Anugerah Juara Lagu rather than major Islam events. Shame on us... Why 10 Muharram? Major events on this date are
  • Allah SWT blessed 10 of his prophets
  • forgiving Adam AS
  • upliftment of Idris AS
  • saving of Noah AS (Nabi Nuh)
  • birth of Abraham AS (Nabi Ibrahim) and saving him from fire
  • saving Yunus AS from the belly of the fish
The other story is on arrival to Medina the prophet Muhammad SAW met the Jews fasting ashura because of its blessings. It is the day Moses AS (Nabi Musa) and his followers (Jews) were saved from their enemies particularly the pharaoh and Moses AS (Nabi Musa) fasted it. Its a day with full of Allah SWT blessing. Remember, "doa merupakan senjata orang mukmin" ::update:: its the same sad day when great prophet Muhammad SAW's grandchild Saidina Hussin bin Ali was brutally murdered by army of Yazid bin Muamiyah.


nur said...

U ingat ke birthday Mawi?

litium said...

i can see that you're more into aggressive writing now. keep up the good job bro.

riki said...

not aggressive la bro, its just we the youth care less about our rights. I'm not into politics much, just wanna share what happened around us.
we cant just say "biarLah..."

lily of the valley said...

quite true...youth nowadays are more into enjoying themselves...memang la this is the time when one could actually do that but at the same time, they shud be aware of what is happening around them. Can't just sit around and wait for the sky to fall to scamper around like mad eih!

Winz said...

hey.. interesting info on Muharram :)


Rizwan Shaikh said...

Start with the name of Allah

Congratulate Riki

You have doing good job. God bless you.

Please some add new info

10th muharam, date of completion the creation of world.

10th muharam, end of the world.

Remember me in your prayers