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who move my cheese?

no one move my cheese... I'm going to look for another cheese elsewhere. I love cheese that I'm having here but... maybe I will get better cheese at somewhere else. Plus, I love Cheesels.


vesewe said...

Never in the entire history of Malaysia that its citizens feel so hopeless for having such a hypocrite sleepy prime minister! Time to vote Umno out in the coming election!

yuking said...

If we read the Malaysia Federal Constitution of 1957, we will not find the word "bumiputera" - hence some would say the origin of the word is grounded in the political agenda of some politicians to discriminate against citizens not of malay ethnicity.

In short there is no constitutional legitimacy in the use of the term "bumiputera" except for its purpose which is to discriminate for the sake of discriminating.

Some fifty years after independence from the British, the demographic profile of its population has changed. Most of the Chinese/Indians today are no longer foreign born, and through the principle of "jus soli" (Latin meaning "right of the soil") are citizens by birth.

The word "bumiputera" (Sanskrit meaning "son of the soil") which came into popular use after the riots of 1969, is a convenient term not grounded in the science of anthropology but in the politics of race - in other words its use is a convenient invention by malay politicians and malay leaders to justify the policies of Umno which dominated the ruling alliance, which came to be known as the New Economic Policy (NEP).

It could have been called "The Great Affirmative Action Policy" but the architects of the NEP are visionary leaders whose motives go beyond affirmative action.

It is not a coincidence that post-1969 saw the rise of business oriented leaders in Umno and the political demise of the malay school teachers whose hold over power in the party suffered a setback. The labeling is important as events many years later are to demonstrate to us that more is envisaged rather than just affirmative action.

Let there only be one class or let Malaysia be a nation of the "classless". Malaysians do not need a caste system like we find in India.

Enough is enough. The word "bumiputera" creates a class of Malaysians based not on ethnicity but on some dubious criteria with religion factored into it.

It is conceptualized for the convenience of policy makers who rode on the wave of malay nationalism unleashed after May 13, 1969 to maintain their position of power and influence.

The faster we do away with the word "bumiputera" the better it will be. The use of the term "bumiputera" post-1969, I submit, has less to do with affirmative actions but more to do with politicians who see in it the opportunity to maintain their hold over power.

It is time power be handed over to a fresh breed of Malaysians who think less in terms of Malay, Indian and Chinese or "bumiputera" and "non-bumiputera" but more in terms of Malaysians of different ethnic descent.

But let us not lose our perspective. The United States has been independent for more than 200 years but is still today struggling with racism. Malaysia is still politically a toddler learning to walk. Success is about what happens when we fall rather than in the walking.

aston said...

The reason for Umno's existence and success is all about racial politics: ketuanan melayu.

They have nothing to fight for except to get more and more for their race and religion; they are obsessed with dividing the cake in their favour (ten for me, one for you) instead of making the cake bigger.

They do not fight for the nation but their race and religion. All this has been cultivated and imbued into their culture since 1969.

They do not want to talk about corruption as they know many of their kind are corrupt to the core.

samp said...

It is true NEP has its good and its bad points depending on whose view you are looking at it.

The non-malays have been straddled with this law for a long time and I can see lots of dissatisfaction emerging from their rank. This can be seen by the ever-increasing number of emigration taking place as well as non-returning students from abroad.

I cannot start to call them traitors, as some of the malays here seem to imply on them. Put yourself in their shoe first and feel the full effect of the discrimination for over 30 years……….Do you think you will be happy? Anybody?

Want to know why the non-malays are all running away from Malaysia for greener pasture as malays call traitors and rats? Know that even rats must be wise to jump ship when the ship is sinking.

The government has been pushing the unity theme for Malaysia for a long time - the so called Bangsa Malaysia. How do you unite people? How are you going to unite people of different races where one race enjoys more rights than other races? Unity can never happen if there is inequality.

So, if you don't want people to comment on your special rights, then don't talk about unity in front of the non-malays.

The next reason why the non-malays keep on condemning the special rights is because of the implementation of it. Does every malay has the chance to enjoy their special rights? From what non-malays have been seeing since the past till now, only the rich and powerful are enjoying it. The poor malays are still poor. How many poor malays were transformed from poverty to middle class?

Sure, what you talk about your experience might be true if you put it in a nutshell. You cite examples of success stories and cases which is what it should be. But don't use special rights to deny a fellow deserving Malaysian of that chance too.

If you don't trust your fellow countrymen, whom in the world are you going to put your faith into?

The reasons have been given, countless in fact. And I believe you can also see it for yourself what kind of state Malaysia is in now. No unity, no improvement in the competitiveness in Malaysia.

I believe no community will get stronger if it depends on protection all the time. In face of globalization, each one must pull its own weight but work as a team. Otherwise we go down together.

tim said...

Racism in Malaysia is apparent to anyone who has eyes! Malays are just a bunch of cripples who will collapse to the ground if their tongkat is taken away.

Remove their constitutional rights, their 7% discount on houses, their 30% equity in companies, their quota system in public universities etc……….what is left?

Only a bunch of malays begging in gutters or worse, they may have to eat pork to survive!

konek said...

I suggest the malay learn how to speak proper English. The grammar mistakes and spelling errors speak volumes on your competence and credibility.

I prefer to look at facts rather than opinions.

Filipinos, Indonesians and Malays are mostly from the same race, with less or more a minority in other races. All of these countries are doing badly. All of these countries have poor records when it comes to corruption, discrimination, incompetence, etc etc.

The conclusion?
I personally believe that out of 10 malays there is at the very most 1 that can be even considered remotely intelligent. When you put that 1 malay with the other 9 malays, that 1 malay automatically becomes stupid.

This is an opinion based on universally known 'facts'.

ruyom said...

Ah……….the history lessons begin again.

As much as the malays do not like the "Orang Putih". These "Orang Putih" built infrastructures and schools for Malayasia. Yes, they did have an economic agenda, but on the whole, it is believed that they did more good than harm.

Now, please read "Melayu Journal" published by Dewan Bahasa Pustaka 2005. It clearly states that the "contract" which you speak so lovingly of, was issued only for a duration of 15 years.

It was tagged under the NEP. Since the NEP failed miserably, it was "extended" under a new name called the NVP. When that failed too, it has once again been "extended" under the new name of the NDP. In a nutshell, it has failed for 50 years.

Don't the malays smell something amiss here? Put in perspective, our Malaysia government has publicly announced to the world, that despite targeted government aid for half a century, the malays are so hopeless, stupid and useless that they cannot still fend for themselves.

Think hard not with emotion, but look at the fact. This fact is very very embarrassing for Malaysia. As it says that the malays are not able to succeed despite being given aid for half a century.

Back to more serious business. The NEP, NVP and NDP or by whatever name you call it tomorrow. So for 50 years, it has "dished out" money to the malays. Realistically, how many of you received that money?

Except for the elite few who sit on the "high and mighty" seats of the government. And that is why, to continue to receive that "special bumi aid" money, they have to insist that there is racial tension in the country. In fact, they promote it by virtue of fact that "race-based organizations" still exist till today.

The Orang Asli also fall into the bumi category. They arrived here 60000 years ago (mind you, the first Indonesian arrival was only 3000 years ago).

Jabatan Orang Asli has been "actively" helping them for the past 50 years. They still live in the jungle. Where I may ask, has that allocated money gone to? Many proponents have insisted that Jabatan Orang Asli has been "helping themselves" instead.

Go to any Orang Asli settlement and see it for yourself.

Your money. Take it back. Or forever live like paupers.

jodie said...

I am not trying to show off with my qualification. What I am trying to say is that Malaysia will lose out if all these educated people and highly qualified do not want to go home.

Frankly, I have start up my family in the UK and also a very successful business. I have been working towards my success starting from zero. Not even 1 cent or penny from the Malaysia government.

I am fed up with the corruption and discrimination in Malaysia. I agree with somebody "if we disagree with Malaysia government policies that are based on race and religion then we should move out of the country" and I did.

Some people might say I am coward or traitor but why should I stay if the government treats me as nothing? I feel human living in the UK and everyone is being treated the same no matter what is the colour of your skin.

Imagine living in a country which people like Haji keep calling "this is Islamic country, if you don't like it, get out". Or the future leader like Khairy saying something unreasonable.

I feel ashamed and insecure. I cannot see the future for the next generation. Therefore, sorry to say but I am a proud British now.

reek said...

Sad to say without the Chinese and other non-malay races in Malaysia and Indonesia, the region will be the backwater of Southeast Asia.

The malays cannot stand on their own feet. Just compare the GDP contribution of non-malays present and past against the malays.

Sadly, the most Middle Eastern civilization are Islamic based on their God Allah and they are a failure compared to western civilization based on human ideology. This is partially why Malaysia 'tak boleh maju', as its policies are based on religion and race.

Oh wait, to that malay who says 'majority is always right'. Certainly, you still have a long way to go. You are not 'sons of the soil'. The Orang Asli, not malays, are the rightful owner of Malaysia.

You guys stole the land from them, just like your Arab brothers who tried to force their religion on others by military conquest in hopes of dying for your God and copulate with the 72 virgins in Muslim paradise! Cheers.

yoy said...

Badawi should resign immediately. I will never vote for a party that promotes hate amongst the people.

Badawi is known for his "cakap tak serupa bikin" attitude, and this sets a very bad example for all his down liners, such that high level crimes and corruption thrives.

Malaysia is losing FDI everyday to other countries, and does not have a clear direction politically and economically. It is only a matter of time before Malaysia becomes a pariah state.