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[rainy outside] bloggers and readers, 20th january is the last post, calculating it correctly it has been 10 months and 2 days since my last bloggin. my astro is not working because of the heavy rain. since the rain has blocked the line-of-sight of the transmission wave (measat to astro dish), the tv only shows 'services currently not available'. the internet is working well as TM serving broadband at its best using copper line. for those who are subscribing TIME or Jaring wireless, they may have service distruption at this time. thanks TM! as for my comeback, i would like to suggest Rockybru, a blog that tells the truth about Malaysian political issues, supported by strong proofs and again, TRUTH. Yours sincerely, -riki-


Anonymous said...

welcome back

litium said...

hahaha lepas 10 bulan baru nak aktif balik? hebat la lu riki!

riki said...


sebab aku hebat, sila promotekan sekali blog ni. hehee